Visual Message Sketches

These pages will present visual sketches of messages.

In response to the way our society is increasingly dominated by the visual as opposed to the spoken or read word, I am experimenting with visual summaries of Sunday messages.   The idea will be to present a brief sketch, a concise but accurate synopsis of the movement of thought and thrust of the message in an eye-catching way so that the viewer can pick up the key points and some of the feeling tone very quickly.

Downloadable message files, both Word and PowerPoint will continue to be found under the link   Some files will be missing as I lost some files in a computer failure early this fall.  Hopefully I will be able to keep up in putting up the new ones.

As time goes along Sunday message Visuals will be divided into subfiles by time period or series.   I will also be including some special purpose visual files such as those that accompanied my Burmese Bible School class sessions for Introduction to Homiletics.

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