Showing Trains to Children is Such Fun

Written on 16 January 2010 concerning events the evening previous

I’m down on my knees giving directions and keeping things on track – literally.   Two gradeschool boys are at the controls of the three O-27 gauge trains around our Christmas tree.   (Yes, I know it is a little late for Christmas trees, but when you have trains, you prolong the season.)  Wrecks happen regularly.   The lower level tracks aren’t tied down and shift just enough so the engine catches the corner of the station platform.   I’m crawling around putting things back together.  The boys are very helpful and catching on fast.   They seem to be having a lot of fun too.   They even pitched in on the hard work of wiping down an oily track and digging detached cars out of the back tunnel.   Another time around and an old Lionel track comes apart.  One time the engine caught some white gauze ‘snow,’ dragged it through the tunnel, and brought the tunnel portal crashing down on the train.   I try to discourage intentional wrecks but….   Sharing model trains with kids is so much fun.  A three year old sister who has been watching hesitantly tonight decides she has watched long enough and grabs the throttle.  She figured out how it ran pretty quickly.   One young man was pretty creative with his consists and decided to try running the inner train in the other direction.  I liked the way it looked.

Life Verse

I think of 2 Cor. 9:8 as my life verse.  “And God is able to make all grace abound to you so that in all things, at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.”   A few years ago Mark and Eva Boswell gave me a notepad which I really like.  On its cover Eva had painted, “And God is able…”   It’s my favorite notepad to have with me when leading a meeting.  I try to think why I memorized the verse with the ‘and.’   For one thing, that is how we did it when I was young— no simplifying or leaving off beginning conjunctions was allowed then so it is a habit.  But sometimes I do not follow that unnecessary habit.  Why did I with this verse?   I think it reminds me that whenever I need the verse there is usually a challenge presenting ‘and’ I can add the verse to the equation of life at that moment.   The problem does not stand alone in my life, but it is connected in my mind and heart and in spiritual reality with the abounding and sufficient grace of my Savior.   The ‘and’ reminds me to make that association.  That is one key reason it is my life verse.  The other reason is the way it uses the word all – ‘all grace’ is first. The verse begins with a focus on God’s help.   Then it reminds me that I have that assistance in ‘all things,’ that is in all circumstances and at ‘all times.’     Whatever the problem or potential, God has made available all the grace I need.  

Lord Jesus, please help me to claim this promise again for the challenges of today and every day ,  AMEN


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