Walking With Christ Every Day

365 Daily Devotions for Men




This 2008 Parable release credits no editor and I can understand why. It contains some good material. Yet it seems to be a hurried effort put together to meet some competitive marketer’s niche.   While the material in it is doctrinally solid, the level of writing does not compare well with other devotional books I have read.   I used this book last year and stuck with it as one resource among several but I probably should have switched.  It has a very simple format and very little to enrich it.


The best parts of the daily readings were the quotes.   However, it was several days before I discovered for sure that the writer listed only wrote the paragraph by his name, not the whole daily reading, which is what it appears like when you quickly peruse the book.   Even more disappointing, after a few months, there wasn’t even a quote every day.   This made for an inconsistency in quality that I found irritating.


Further, the devotional paragraphs tended toward generic truisms, not very deep and lacking in imagery and compelling metaphor.  This year I’m reading E. Stanley Jones and what a refreshing contrast.


The reason I am not recommending this book for a yearly devotional is not for any doctrinal issues but simply because you can do so much better in your choice of a resource for your daily time alone with God.


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