Finding God New Testament by Biblica

A New Testament with Questions and Answers
A useful New Testament

I have just come across a very helpful but inexpensive printing of the NT that I would like to recommend.  It is called the Finding God New Testament printed by Biblica.  I purchased my copy at Morningstar Christian Bookstore in Manchester CT. for $4.99.


What makes this New Testament unique is the extensive introduction called Real Questions…Real Answers.  This intro covers 83 common questions and gives common-sense, insightful, short answers.   Each answer also lists places in the NT with page numbers for the reader to look up more information.  Here are some sample questions:

#8  Will I ever be free from my past?

#10  Do I have to go to church?

#14  Does God only love me when I’m good?

#20  Isn’t God whatever/whoever I think he is?

#26  Will I make God angry if I get a divorce?

#50  Why does God seem so distant sometimes?

#68  Is it fair that so many people get away with evil?


Next there is a descriptive annotated table of contents that lists the NT books and tells a little about what is in each one.  There is also a table of contents of special sidebar articles that help the reader in finding God.  I am especially fond of the True Encounter article series.  Each of the 25 stories in this series are one page devotional style articles highlighting the account of how a person in the New Testament met Jesus.    It might be called Real people … Real stories!   The book also includes the text of the New Testament in the popular and much loved 1984 edition of the New International Version.

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