Being a Christian; Exploring Where You, God, and Life Connect by Stephen Arterburn and John Shore

Highly recommended

This is a great book for a person who is new to the Christian faith, who is asking questions and would like to find a book with many practical, easy to read, but not trivial answers. It is written with the new Christian, or the newly recommitted Christian in mind.  It takes difficult word concepts like atonement, repentance, and “original sin” and makes them understandable.   The reader picks up a good deal of theology without the label.

The authors also have a playful sense of humor which adds lightness and interest.  Bible quotes that are needed to help understand each section are grouped together.   I found this strategy helpful for this type of material.   The grouped Scriptures are usually near the end of the section and give strength and affirmation to the discussion that has preceded it. 

After reading several selections from this book, I feel confident to highly recommend it to others. Stephen Arterburn is founder and chairman of New Life Ministries – the nation’s largest faith-based broadcast, counseling, and treatment ministry – and host of the nationally syndicated New Life Live daily radio program heard on more than 180 stations nationwide.   John Shore is a successful author and blogger on

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