Ageless Faith by Keith and David Drury

Highly Recommended

Those who like books that promote discussion and debate will absolutely love Ageless Faith.   It is written as a lively dialogue between father and son on important issues in the church today.    The subjects that comprise the chapter titles include those that are the most volatile flash points of friction between generations in conservative churches today.   Both father and son are experts and authors in their own right, so there are weighty and thoughtful arguments advanced on either side.  Sometimes they are even pejorative as they describe the other generation’s view, just like we commonly are in our real-life coffee klatches.  One gets the definite feeling that they have been over some of this ground many times in family discussions over the years.   But what I like most is that both of them are completely dedicated to two goals higher than that of winning a point or two in a debate.  Those two goals are: 1. understanding the perspective of the other generation and 2. looking for how all of us together can help the kingdom of God advance.   

They are not afraid to wade into deep waters.  They start right out tackling generational disagreements over worship styles.   Other interesting chapters include divides in attitude and practice toward women in leadership, how we understand and teach about the Bible topic of “sanctification” and the differing perspectives on the role of the community in our spiritual lives.   I found chapters on the variants in the meaning of conversion; the function of ordination in the church; and generational differences in perspectives on alcoholic beverages to be fascinating.   

The book is a quick and easy read.   When I read it, I thought to myself, “This book would make a great resource and discussion starter for a multi-generational Sunday School class or a one generation small group that loves to discuss hot-button issues.  In fact, each chapter closes with a list of questions for use in such a discussion.  The book also serves well to help leaders be aware of how those in a different generation may be thinking on some salient issues in their local church.   I highly recommend it.




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