New Page Series Created called Visuals

I continue to be challenged by the way our society has become so visually oriented.   The new page series – Visuals – is meant to respond to this need by presenting visual sketches of messages in a readily accessible spot.  

The story behind this decision is this.  November 7, I preached a message called “Walk Humbly with Your God.”  To be homiletically sound, it had way too many sub-points – five!   But I was inspired to illustrate it visually by having six people (one point required two people) come up to the platform and mime the point.   I had all the five points mimed at the beginning.  Then I reviewed them and had the congregation repeat them while looking at the mimes.   The surprising result was that I had people telling me that they were repeating all five points to people at work that week.   Research says that usually most people can’t tell us much about the sermon by the time they get to the parking lot.   What a difference.

At the beginning of the work week, unknown to me, my administrative assistant was inspired to download silhouettes similar to the mimed figures and make a bulletin board of the five points.   So the visual impact was increased.

As I discussed that result, I decided to try something new.  Each week I will make a visual summary of the message for my blog.   Sometimes some of it will be used in the Sunday message time and sometimes not.  

This is a work in progress.  On this first one, the second and third files are auxiliary files.   For all the files,  I have some technical work to do.  The plug-in loads them fine but when you try to view them, the computer wants to open them with Internet Explorer rather than Powerpoint.   I worked around it by saving them and then using “open with” to force the computer to use the right program.   I’ll work on this.

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