Using the berries God provides

When we moved here 2 years ago, I soon noticed a group of elderberry bushes in bloom just over a stone wall.   It was being attacked by marauding vines and overshadowed by maple saplings.   But I was determined to pick some elderberries.   I remembered picking them as a young man and eating elderberry pie that my mother made.

But I soon discovered that elderberry season is short and there are competitors.  The first year when I went to find berries there were none.  I had been away on vacation on the key week and either the birds or the bears had finished them off.    Same story the second year.    So I made a more deliberate attempt to persecute the wild grape vines and clear out some overhanging maple.

This year, I found berries, lots of berries.  Our vacation was earlier in the summer or I would not have because the catbirds which are very abundant here were upset when I started picking the crop they had already started to claim.   Never fear, there will be plenty left for them.  I volunteered to pick the berries off the stems and JoAnne made me a pie.   Pictures of the process are below.   What a pleasure to finally harvest what God had provided.




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