Stony Brook State Park

Once a year or so, JoAnne and I like to return to another place we remember from our youth, Stony Brook State Park.   It contains a glass-clear stream that tumbles down an impressive glen.  It is located between Arkport and Dansville, NY and it can also be easily reached by going over the hill from Haskinville.  So my home church often held its annual Sunday School picnic there.  This entrancing park was also the site of a very special double date when JoAnne and I were in college.   Last week, JoAnne and I took a few hours off to visit it while we were visiting our parents.   We discovered to our sadness that it is one of the state parks that have been partially shut down by the NY state budget crisis.  What a loss to the Hornell-Dansville and eastern Alleghany County area.   It is a little gem.   I recently saw a copy of an antique postcard showing the Pittsburg, Shawmut and Northern Railroad Bridge that crossed the top of the glen years before I was born.

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