A well-written and thoughtful article on religion and politics

It isn’t every day that you run into one of those.  But this definitely is one.  The distinctions it draws between separatism, fusion, and critical engagement are well thought out and wise.  If only more Christians understood the need to be critically engaged in the current debates in our country!


Robert Bene suggests three areas where he believes serious Christians today should find their core convictions pushing them to engage in political discussion; the fight to protect the unborn, the drive to support those who are in poverty, and the need for religious freedom.   I strongly believe that there is one more. It is the need to defend marriage as between one man and one woman.     Ultimately, Christians follow the biblical moral picture that homosexual relationships are sinful just like heterosexual sex outside of marriage is sinful, and divorce is generally not God’s plan.   Heterosexual marriage is in a class by itself; the God-approved channel for expression of our sexuality.   We, however, are sexually driven, and we live in a very sexually energized culture.  Our culture already winks at promiscuity and now we are being asked to consider homosexual relationships as an alternate lifestyle.   But it is not for us to flaunt our transgressions of God’s laws and demand that the bar be lowered to ease our consciences; rather, it is for us to pray, “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.”     We will be healthier and so will those who depend upon us.

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