Family Ties Are a Blessing

Celebrating Easter with family

Family Ties are a Blessing

For us, Easter has always been a great time to affirm family ties.  I guess there is something about focusing on the center of our faith together that brings us closer to those we love too. 

 A week or so ago we made a pre-Easter visit to Bath, NY, and had lunch with JoAnne’s Dad and his wife Lucille and her brothers Joe and Mark.   This weekend we really enjoyed having our son-in-law Mark and our daughter, Keely, visiting us from Hartford, Connecticut.   It was also son-in-law Mark’s birthday weekend so we took time to celebrate even amid the busyness of a parish at Easter time–such good food – JoAnne’s turkey dinner on Friday; Mark’s favorite Syracuse restaurant, Dominick’s, on Saturday; and ham and scalloped potatoes with lemon pie for Easter dinner.   Then Easter evening I talked with my Mom for over an hour on the phone.   My occasional long phone conversations with Mom have an extended history going back to late night conversations on the hall phone when I was a frosh at U of R decades ago.   Today it is encouraging to chat with her as she is a great fan of my ministry.   Also, as we talk, I can catch up on all the family news.   Her memory for extended family details is better than mine.   Also Easter evening, Kim O. stopped over to watch a movie with JoAnne, while I took a walk in the neighborhood and read the paper, and talked with Mom.  

 Family ties are such a blessing.

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