Lenten/Easter Sermon Series started

Those who study words tell us that the word Lent derives from an Old English word for spring.  But when we hear the word today, our first thought is about the season of spiritual preparation that precedes Easter in the Christian calendar.   It is a time to help us remember the events of the last weeks of Jesus’ life leading up to and including his crucifixion and resurrection.  

Traditionally, the season begins on Ash Wednesday which was Feb. 17.   However, being in a somewhat freer church tradition, I sometimes wait a week or so to get started with the corresponding sermon series as it allows a little more time for a longer sermon series in February.   This year’s Lenten/Easter sermon series will help us dig into the meanng of those events of Jesus’ last days.  It is called, “Finding Strength and Hope in Jesus’ Story” began March 7.   All messages are for both the 9 and 10:30M a.m. services except for Easter.    On that day, Apr. 4, note the special times and two different messages. 

Date Message Text
7 Mar An Unnerving Perspective From Jesus Mark 8:31-38
14 Mar An Unexpected Parable John 13:1-17
21 Mar An Unselfish Prayer John 17
28 Mar Unbelieving Betrayals  
4 Apr.  8 am Unparalleled News John 20:1-8
4 Apr.  10 am Unleashed Celebration Matt. 28:1-15