Leadership sub-category created

I’ve some key adjustments to my blog that I hope are helpful to my readers.  

1.  Now that I’m a little more familiar with this environment and on the advice of folks at our annual board retreat, I’m opening up new posts and pages for comments.  I have received some feedback by email and I am looking forward to more interaction. 

2. I am adding a new nested category, called church leadership under church notes for posts that are especially relevant to that topic.  

Leadership is an area that I have studied and read after extensively in the last decade.  As a young pastor I did not understand its importance.   Bible college and seminary education was then and is still woefully inadequate in this area. 

But now as a seasoned pastor,  I realize that leadership is central to how a pastor encourages others in ministry (Eph. 4:11,12) and accomplishes more than he or she can accomplish alone.    Through this new category on my blog I hope to help younger pastors and lay leadership avoid my earlier error and find helpful insights.   I will also seek to review some of the best books I have read in my book review pages as well.

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