Easter music will be celebrative

Just finished vocal ensemble practice a bit ago for Easter service next Sunday.  One song is a very upbeat black gospel number with the theme “Hosanna”.   The other is also energetic and I have been singing it for days already.  It’s called, “We are celebrating Resurrection Day.”  I always say that one of the great benefits of being in church choirs or vocal groups is that the music also fills your week.  You wake up singing it in your mind.    The words sail through your thoughts in the middle of the day.  It is uplifting.   

Our children will be literally setting our Easter celebration in motion with a choreographed number under Eva’s direction, with the assistance of her niece, Alli.   It will be cool.   We’re keeping the whole platform clear to make room for them. 

I’m also looking forward to playing a brass duet with Nick Hanggi in the Sonshine service.   We will be accompanying some of the hymns in both services too.   Richard Filmer is planning to accompany one hymn in Celebration Service with the bell tree.   Musical highlights add so much to our Easter Day.

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