Fiftieth theme chosen

As you may know, Easter 2012 will be the 50th anniversary of the first service at Community Wesleyan Church, Kirkville.  At its planning meeting last night, the fiftieth anniversary committee chose a theme for our celebration that will become a defining theme for the next two years.   It was an energizing meeting.  Pastor Eric’s insightful and inspiring devotional from Joshua 4 started us all thinking about about how the theme could help us reflect credit back to God.  JoAnne had already suggested that the theme point to the future as well as the past.    So we put it all together in the theme, Celebrating God’s Faithfulness–Yesterday,Today and Forever.   The idea is that some events over the next two years will help us remember –Celebrating God’s Faithfulness–yesterday.  Others will be current ministries especially the 50  4  50 outreach and service ministries –Celebrating God’s Faithfulness–today.    And some elements will be preparation and planning for coming years–Celebrating God’s Faithfulness–forever.  The forever emphasis also helps us remember that what we are doing for God has eternal results.  Three key verses were identified to go with the theme; Hebrews 13:8; Joshua 4:24 and Psalm 143:5.    I believe using these themes will add direction and energy to our planning over the next two years.