Blog adjustments

I have decided to make some additions to my blog.   On the pages side, I have recently added a devotional section and a book review section.  For both of these areas, I will occasionally also publish articles by other teachers in our local church that I think are helpful and well written with author’s name noted.    

I am also starting to use the links section more, adding links that I think readers might find helpful or links that might help readers understand me.   In addition, I am experimenting with categories, adding a category called “Who Am I” to double label occasional journal articles that I think might be of continuing value to together make a picture of who I am.  I’m also planning to add one called “Joy Notes.”    It will be for short uplifting devotional thoughts, usually with a quote in them. Probably many joy Notes will also be in the Journal.  These will distinguished from the devotional pages which will be usually be longer writings, and sometimes authored by others.