Country Santa

Just a mile or so away from my house is a man who collects small old Farmall tractors.   Seems like I am always chasing a deadline when I go by,  but today, by some miracle,  I was running just a little early so I pulled in and introduced myself.   I wanted to meet the curator of this collection which I have admired ever since I moved here.  An immediate reason was also that I wanted to ask permission to take a photo of this country Santa that he has in his front lawn.  I found the collector to be a very amiable and hospitable guy named Bernie Merli and he calls his place “Acre Farm.”  I just have to go back when I can talk longer.   His Santa is perfect for a “Country Touch.”   When it rains, he either covers Santa or takes him inside.   He covers the tractors during the winter so I can hardly wait til spring to get better acquainted. 

About Ash Wednesday

Some of you have been asking me for more info about Ash Wednesday.  As I was researching, I ran across this web articled by former pastor, Mark D. Roberts.  It is excellent  and worth passing on.

I also found an excellent shorter article with more historical details by a Lutheran writer,  Richard P. Bucher

I have also put this post on our church blog.