New Sermon Plug-in Working

UnderConstructionCOMPLETEDGraphic20New Sermon Plug-in Working

I am happy to report that I have found a new plug-in called Sermon Manager to replace Sermon Browser.   I am learning to use it and have now uploaded six new sermons into it, comprising together the sermon series for January and February.   My immediate goal is to input sermons up to the current ones.  Then I will see if I can put in some previous series for the benefit of those who use my sermons as a resource.  I am glad for this and happy to be helpful to the family of God in some small way.

Unfortunately, I have not figured out a way to transfer old sermon files from Sermon Browser into the new plug-in.  So the older files are stranded in cyber space for now.

Sermon Texts Temporarily Unavailable

construction on webpage

Please excuse the construction in the sermon area of my blog.  I have used the plug-in Sermon Browser but for the last year I have been unable to easily post in it.  It has become clear that it is no longer being supported.   So I am searching for a new solution.  So far I have not found a good one.  I will be experimenting with theme changes too.

Plans for our remaining Sundays at Kirkville

The remaining weeks of our time here at Kirkville will be busy ones.  We have saved a few weeks vacation to help us have time to pack and visit our family in CT and western NY.   I am also doing some reading in preparation for my new part-time position at Copper Hill UMC.  You know what I always say, “If the leader is not growing, the people will not be growing either.”    This chart tells you when I will be preaching here and who will be preaching when I am not.   Thank you for your prayers during this time of transition.  I am praying for you too.


Community Wesleyan Service Plans May 5- June 16

  Special Day Speaker Message Scripture Other Events that Day
May  5 Missions Sunday Don & Cheri Floyd     4 PM  CLASS 201
May 12 Mother’s Day Pastor Eric  Jesus and the Problem  John 6:1-14  
May  19 Pentecost Sunday Pastor Kelvin Secrets of Spiritual Power Luke 3:21,33;  4:1-15 MBK Christian Unity Svc. 6 PM
May 26 Memorial Day Weekend Pastor Eric      
June 2   Larry Nemitz     4 PM  CLASS 301
June 9 Communion Sunday Pastor Kelvin How Shall we Live? 1 Thess. 3:11– 4:11; Titus 3:3-8 Retirement Dinner 3PM
June 16 Father’s Day Pastor Kelvin Be of Good Courage! Deut. 31:6 Reception following services

October and November Messages Planned


Harvest time is for Thanksgiving

I haven’t blogged in a couple weeks because I have been traveling part of each week.   But now that the schedule has returned a little more to normal, I will try to catch up a little.  As you can see, the plan below is already in progress.    Our October series was planned to go with election  season when our country is talking about values and issues.   The church needs to be relevant and enter the conversation.  But my take is a little different ffom some.  Here is a quote from the introduction to the series on Christian Values for Today.

      “I believe that Christians are called to tell the truth about the chaos of values today.  Our task is to call our country back to the values of the Bible.   As we undertake this task, we cannot help but seem political at times. But that is not our first intention.  As one person has put it, ‘God is not a Democrat or Republican.’    God’s values apply equally to Democrats and Republicans.  He calls both parties to forsake their sins and walk in his paths.   It is up to us as followers of Christ to use our discernment and our influence to encourage all parties to take stands on contemporary issues that reflect the teaching of the Word of God.  Using our vote as best we can is part of our responsibility to use our influence.  At times in this series, I expect that the Republicans will feel somewhat smug.  But at other times I expect that the Democrats will feel the same way.  But that is not my issue. My responsibility is to preach the word of God wherever the chips fall.  My responsibility is to pick issues that I feel are of extreme importance in the Bible, our lives, and in our country and preach on them.   And God helping us that is what we will do in this series called Christian Values for Today.”  

The November series  will focus on the close relationship between the Thanksgiving season and the Christian value and practice of generosity and stewardship.   It will also be a great lead-in to the Christmas season with its emphasis upon giving. 


October Series:  Christian Values for Today





Suggested Hymn

October 7

Human Life is Precious

Kelvin Jones

Psalm 139:13-16

We Praise Thee, O God

October 14

God has Blessed Traditional Marriage

Kelvin Jones

Gen. 1:26-32 Eph. 5:28-33

A Christian Home (147)

October 21

Pastor Appreciation

Larry Nemitz

1 Tim. 2:1-7

My Faith has Found (277)

October 28

Remembering the Poor

Kelvin Jones

Gal. 2:6-10 Acts 10:1-6

Show a Little Bit of Love (511)

November 4

Righteousness Exalts a Nation

Eric Paashaus

Prov. 14:34

Where Cross the Crowded Ways (490)

Thanksgiving Series:   Thanksgiving and Giving

November 11

Giving is a Good Thing

Kelvin Jones

1 Tim. 6:3-19

Now Thank We All Our God (36)

November 18

Thanksgiving and the Offering of Firstfruits

Kelvin Jones

Deut. 26:1-11

Count Your Blessings (430)

November 25

 Giving to the Work of God

Eric Paashaus

 2 Cor. 9:6-15

Thanks to God (110)


July sermons will be about relationships

Marriage has so much potential yet most marriages also experience a good deal of pain on the way to forging a better way.    What are some typical causes of this pain?  What can be done to bring healing and find lasting satisfaction and love?   I just finished planning the series for Sunday messages in July.   When I was at family Camp earlier this week, I felt led to focus on human relationships especially marriages during this month.   Since marriage is something we don’t do alone, we need the input of our spouse to get a well-rounded perspective.  I have invited my wife to join me on the platform for this series for Kitchen Table Talks about Relationships.   Like most couples, we’ve had our up’s and down’s in 42 years of marriage.  Our hope is that we have learned some perspectives that can be helpful to others.    I invite you to join us for this series.

Kitchen Table Talks about Relationships




A Suggested Hymn

July 8

Respect is Essential

1 Peter 2:11-3:8  

Make Me a Blessing (389)

July 15

Dealing with Our Anger  

Eph. 4:25-31

What a Wonderful Savior (531)

July 22

Understanding Personalities Helps

Romans 12

I’ve Found a Friend (521)

July 29

2nd Mile Living 

Matthew 5:38-48

Spirit of God, Descend…(86)

October messages planned

In an article written before hurricane Lee, Atlantic magazine had already called 2011: the year of the disaster.  Even without the difficult economic times of our year, and the sobering reminder provided by the 10th anniversary of 9/11, the natural disasters of the year have given us all pause to think. I feel led during the month of October to examine the writings of an ancient prophet who spoke to Israel in a time following a natural disaster.    The series will begin October 9 and is called the Power of Prayer.  The prophet’s name was Joel.   October 2 is World Communion Sunday so together with Christians around the world we will celebrate the Lord’s Supper then.


Date Sermon plan Scripture
Oct 2 Message:   In the Name of Jesus – because of relationship, according to his character, made possible by his provision Heb. 10:19-25;
John  16:23-28
Oct 9   Start a new series from Joel called:  The Power of Prayer.   The first message:  Speaking in a Day of Disaster Joel 1:1-2:11
Oct 16   Rediscovering the sacred assembly Joel 2:15-27
Oct 23   Personal repentance: What is it?
Pastor Eric preaching
Joel 2:12,13
Oct 30    The valley of decision Joel 2:28-3:21


August Messages Planned

During my days off in the Adirondacks I had a chance to read the book Starting Your Best Life Now, a condensation of Joel Osteen’s best-selling book, Your Best Life Now.  I was sufficiently captivated by several of the key concepts that I felt impressed to pass them on to our congregation.  I believe the chapters I’ve selected will form the basis for a very uplifting and encouraging series during the month of August.

August 7  Begin series from selected chapters in Joel Osteen’s Book  Your Best Life Now — God has more in Store – chap 3     Scriptures:  Heb. 11:1-12;  Proverbs 3:1-10;  Jer. 29:4-14;  Eph. 3:20,21

August 14    (Communion Sunday) Become what you believe – chap 9   Scriptures: Negative side – Jer. 2:5; Ro. 1:21;  Ps. 115:8 (could read 1-11); positive side – Rom. 12:1,2;  Matt. 9:18,19, 23-33; Mk. 9:17-29;   Jn. 14:9-14

August 21   The Power in Your Words — chap 14   Scriptures: James 3:3-18; Prov. 10:10-21; 12:13-22; Rom. 10:5-13

August 28   The Purpose of Trials  — chap 23   Scriptures: 1 Peter 1:3-9; 4:12-19;   Isa. 64:8;  Phil. 1:29; 2:12,13; Rom. 8:18-39


Reflections on Easter Weekend

I am thankful for each one who took time to honor Jesus by worshipping at Community Wesleyan in Kirkville this year.  Attendance at Good Friday service and Easter Celebration service was up despite the fact that for nearly all of us, the pace of life accelerates on a holiday weekend.   (The busy pace is one reason I’ve written less lately.)  Yet somehow, if we do not take time to honor Jesus on Good Friday and Easter, when will we ever?   He is supremely worthy of our praise.  

This weekend held several highlights for me:

I have come to deeply appreciate the interactive passion narrative that we used again this year at the ecumenical service at St Paul’s Episcopal Church.   Reading the narrative as characters in a play, helps put me more closely in touch with what really happened. In addition, sharing together in the service with other churches reminds me again that the family for whom Jesus died and who are responding to his call enfolds so many more than just my local church fellowship or even my denomination. 

Easter has become a family time too in our culture and our family is no exception.  It was a delight to have our daughter and son-in-law visit for a couple days and to have my brother-in-law, Joe, and father-in-law at Easter dinner.  

Easter is a special time for children.  Our church tries to make a home for children at God’s house.  I enjoy greeting them at the Easter brunch and the Easter services.   Some, especially the little girls, are all dressed up in Easter outfits and appreciate it if my wife or I notice.   The boys like the food, as I think I would have as a boy.

Easter music is always a highlight. Special music adds a great deal; solos, instrumentals, handbell choir and holiday choir all help to mark the moment.  I usually enjoy most the songs that the congregation seems to truly get involved in.  This year was no exception.  At our Good Friday service, there was a special moment when we sang the hymn, At Calvary.   In Easter Celebration service, the praise team led with joy as everyone joined in on Celebrate Jesus.  Then we sang the story of Jesus’ life via the new hymn, In Christ Alone; an inspiring time.   One of the gifts of any worship service is when the music comes back to you and you find yourself singing it throughout the day or in the middle of the week.  Then you know it was inspiring.  (Singing in the choir will make that happen for sure.)

It always encourages me to see people in church at a holiday service that I or our church have reached out to in some way recently.  Perhaps I stood by the side of someone in their family at a difficult time or performed a wedding or a funeral.  Perhaps a child in the family attended preschool.  People don’t realize how much it encourages pastors and church leaders when they attend.   

On the flip side, I always wonder what people thought were their favorite moments in sermons.  If they had to nominate a five minute segment from one of the three sermons I gave over this weekend to be put on U-Tube or inserted in an advertisement for our church, what five minutes would they choose?   Pastors often have mixed feelings about their preaching and I guess this weekend is no exception.   Some parts went better than I expected and others I would like to do over.   I just trust that overall my thoughts were a blessing to many. 

Reflections on Speaking at Houghton Chapel

I remember as a student attending the mandatory chapel services at Houghton College.  Since I was taking mostly Bible and related courses and was already active in church leadership in my home church, I considered chapel interesting.  But I was quite aware that was not always the attitude of many of my peers.   In fact, I sometimes felt a little sorry for chapel speakers who were asked to address an audience many of whom felt compelled to be there.  A few of their listeners would even be shamelessly involved in other pursuits like reading, doing homework or chatting with friends. 

I don’t remember it ever entering my mind that I might someday be one of those speakers.  But that is what I had the privilege to be on April 13, 2011.  Funny it is how perspectives completely change.  Continue reading “Reflections on Speaking at Houghton Chapel”