The happiest people

I read a great quote this evening that is worth posting.  It helps provide prospective for the New Year too.  I’m enjoying the book very much.

“The happiest people are those who have invested their time in others.  The unhappiest people are those who wonder how the world is going to make them happy.”   (John C. Maxwell in Be a People Person, 2007, p. 20)

Quote about love

This morning as I was reading my devotional book, I found some great thoughts from E. Stanley Jones.  Sometimes we belittle the small kindnesses that we do for others out of love.    But just maybe they are more important that we think.   “The love of God is the biggest thing in the universe, and when that love is incarnate in a deed, then the deed is big….We don’t try to love; we just let Love love.  And as we do, …his perfect Love perfects our love and perfects us in the process.”  (365 Days with E. Stanley Jones p. 351)  With this perspective, we are less likely to hold back when it seems sacrificial or to unconsciously expect returns on our investments.  We are privileged to a channel for God’s love and we are being enlarged in heart through loving, whether or not it is returned.


Restoring offenders when possible is part of justice

I have been saying for years that our justice system needs to consider how to restore non-violent offenders.  This is as much a part of justice as is punishment.  This is a great article by Charles Colson commending the state of Ohio for taking a major step in this direction.  I recommend it.