Saturdays with Stella by Allison Pittman

Cute dog; inspiring stories
Cute dog; inspiring stories

A Bible Study Book for Dog Lovers

Occasionally one finds an unusual devotional or Bible study book that draws fresh inspiration from another area.   Saturdays with Stella (Multnomah 2008) is just such a book.  The subtitle tells the story– How My Dog Taught Me to Sit, Stay, and Come When God Calls.    Allison uses this delightful volume to relate her journey with her lovable pet mutt through intermediate obedience class.  Along the way, the path correlates with her own spiritual walk.  

Spiritual Insights

Her comparisons are insightful.  Each command that Stella learns or fails to master in obedience class opens a window into our spiritual development.  For example; since Stella was the nervous type, it was not easy to get her to “settle.”   The author makes an application to herself and all of us.  “I guess it’s not that easy for me, either to spend that quiet time with my Master.  Mine is not a naturally settled spirit.  Yes, I pray, but I rarely take time to listen past my own voice” (p. 19). 

Highly Recommend

The book is easily and inexpensively available on Amazon and Kindle.   I highly recommend it for dog-lovers everywhere.   You will re-live times with your own beloved canine pets and fall in love with Stella too.  All the while, God can use this little training manual to encourage your obedience to your heavenly Master.   



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