My Take on the Super Bowl Ads 2016

Super Bowl Commercials are interesting
Super Bowl Commercials are interesting

I haven’t been really following football this year, but I always enjoy watching the Super Bowl ads.  I am especially interested in Super Bowl advertising because it is such a mirror and microcosm of American culture, for better or worse.  So again this year, I am reflecting upon the best and the worst of the Super Bowl advertising as I saw it.  (I didn’t see every one so I can’t guarantee that this opinion covers them all.)


The Best


  1. Weather Tech – I loved the ad with its talk about buying American while at the same time advertising Weather Tech products. It was visually interesting, and I felt the patriotic theme unselfishly dominated the ad. And at the end, the ad accomplished the company’s objective of helping you remember their company name and associating it both with their product and with the fact that it is American-made.
  2. Avocados in space – Every year there is one commercial that rises high on the list simply because of its creativity and off-the-wall idea. This year, this is the one.  The whole concept of future aliens looking back at current American society, totally misinterpreting some objects as undoubtedly we now do with things of the ancient past, and then getting to refreshment time and sampling avocados which are recommended as delicious was so creative.  Every Star Trek fan was glued to this one.
  3. Pepsi through the Decades – This was a delightful ad, a joy to watch. Nostalgic interest oozes from it. And it accomplishes the goal of associating Pepsi with good times. The lead actor carries it well.   I liked it also as the historical decades of music and dance theme goes with the idea of the 50th anniversary Super bowl.
  4. Marmot- This is a simple ad which at first I did not rate highly. However I changed my mind. The change came about because I was trying to figure out what the ad had been about.  I had not heard of the company. The ad prodded me to Google the company name and find out.  I discovered that the ad fit the company amazingly well and since I responded by looking it up, the ad must have accomplished its goal extraordinarily well also.
  5. Death Wish coffee – Here’s another one where the sheer creativity of the ad forced you to remember the whole thing. The drama of the ad was immense. The fact that it was for coffee at the end was a nearly complete surprise which increased the retention value.


The Worst


  1. Super Bowl babies – This ad loses on two counts. First of all it was pointless. What was it advertising? I still don’t know. That alone is a fatal flaw in an ad. Second, the ad loses on moral grounds. The whole idea of basing the ad on the assumption of couples having sexual relations after the Super Bowl is at best in extremely bad taste.  At worst, it trivializes the fact that huge sports events such as the Super Bowl are unfortunately taken advantage of by the illicit sex trade, one of the sad facts of our day.  The ad reflects America’s too casual view of human sexuality.
  2. Toyota Prius getaway – I was visually upset after this ad. It disrespects police.  It makes heroes of those who should be vilified.  It participates in the moral confusion that is America today.   Yes, I did see the mollifying ad during the closing ceremonies where the policemen got a Prius and finally caught the robbers and I was glad for that.  But to me it did not undo the damage of the original ad.  It flunked with me.
  3. Snickers Marilyn – This ad fails because the subject matter of the advertisement completely overshadows the object being advertised. After the ad, I did not even know what it was that was being advertised.   If one remembers the ad, but not what is being advertised, the ad has failed.   Any speaker knows that it is very easy for an illustration to distract from the desired point.  If I had known what was being advertised, the ad still would have failed on a second level. It failed to give a positive feeling about the product because I found the ad disgusting and not believable.
  4. Puppy monkey baby – Here’s another ad that grossly failed to do its job.  It was not interesting to watch.   The level of intelligence to which it appealed was somewhere below idiot.  And the supposed crossbreed in diapers was more stupidity than interesting.   In addition, the story line, if it could be called that, completely over shadowed the product being advertised.
  5. Kia Bland closet – I flunked this ad as well simply for not giving a positive impression. The emotional impression of a bland closet was so much of a turnoff that the ad never did recover from it. The idea of a polka dot sock as a contrast just did not cut it either. To top it all off, if I remember right, the vehicle pictured was white. So the colored highlight of the ad was the sock??








4 Replies to “My Take on the Super Bowl Ads 2016”

  1. As always, I love to read your take on the Super Bowl ads. Personally the only ad that I liked was the dozen or more little dachshunds dressed like hot dogs. I have no memory what that ad was supposed to be leading me to, but I now have more love than ever for those little dachshunds!!!!

    1. I saw that one. It was cute and the idea behind it was good. It would be in my top ten. I also thought it needed a little clearer ending to make the company’s point about the family of Heinz Ketchup’s more transparent.

  2. I found myself not being very invested in the football season this year. Once it became clear that my AFC team Buffalo hiring Rex Ryan as their head coach was the wrong choice as evidenced by their previous year’s top 5 defense being one of the least productive this year, and my NFC team Philadelphia just being an absolute mess on all fronts, I found it very hard to care.

    I am; however, very delighted that Peyton Manning and the Broncos won the Superbowl. I was upset about using the stage that he had in post-Superbowl victory comments to plug for Budweiser, because he now owns a stake in some beer distributors and benefits whenever its sold. It is just more proof that no one should be putting any athlete on any type of pedestal.

    I saw the puppymonkeybaby ad for the Mountain Dew Kickstart drink and while I used to drink Kickstart when I was working at both Ferris and on the dairy farm to get that little extra bit of caffeine I found myself insulted after watching the ad. The ad was so stupid and to me seemed that it was insulting the intelligence of those who consumed the product or perhaps suggested they enjoyed narcotics. The ad made no sense and I fail to see how its absurdity would appeal to any generation. If I ran Pepsi Co. I would have reprimanded anyone in my marketing department that pitched that ad!

    Thanks again for all your wisdom and insight it was great to read your blog.

    1. I was disappointed that Peyton used that platform to plug drinking beer as well. I heard him make those comments twice so it was likely rehearsed. I did not know about his conflict of interest. That makes it all the more disappointing.
      Great to hear from you.

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