Christmas Village 2015

Each year I try to get in one post about my Christmas village and railroad.   Here it is using Sway.  Click on the article to see the pictures.  You can expand the picture to full screen.  Then in the lower right corner are arrow buttons to click to advance the Sway through the pictures and text parts.

4 Replies to “Christmas Village 2015”

  1. Kelvin, Your train set has grown significantly since I last saw it. I love looking at the pictures and did not remember the manger scene in your set up last year. The central park with the clock is just perfect. You have a very lucky grandson. I hope that we can come visit at a time when your villages and trains are set up. Cherie and Andy

    1. Thanks. Maybe you can see it sometime. I usually leave it up until about February. I liked your last year’s suggestion of the cabin on the hillside. I am working on that idea. I’ve had the manger set in it for years but this year’s placement was the most picturesque ever. My grandson enjoys the set-up more each year.

  2. AWESOME VILLAGE Beautiful!! Brought back memories for me too!! Thanks for sharing. The SWAY was great. The expressions on the children were priceless.

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