A new place in cyberspace for my blog


A new domain name

In preparation for my retirement from Community Wesleyan Church in a few months, Steven Sgroi, my web technical guru, and I are working to untangle my internet presence from the church’s internet site.   As a part of that process, my blog will have a new location in the future.  For now, if you try to access it from the old address it will redirect you to the new one just fine, but eventually, you will want to find me at the new address site—learntobewise.com.

Living wisely is the focus

I am excited about the possibilities of this name too.   Just think about the fact that one whole section of the Old Testament is devoted to wisdom.   I think also about the last words of Psalm 107 which might just be good mission statement for my blog at learntobewise.com.   I should be writing in such a way that my reader would want to take the Psalm writer’s advice.   “Whoever is wise, let him heed these things and consider the great love of the Lord” (Ps 107:43 NIV).   I have always felt that one of the jobs of a pastor is to live wisely and help others live wisely also.  So I think this new domain name will be a great fit.   I also like the idea in the name that we are not wise all at once.  Rather, we are always learning and becoming wiser.

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