Taking time to celebrate

When I was a young pastor, I didn’t understand the importance of celebration.   I guess I must have ignored the fact that the OT has a regular schedule of feasts for the Israelites to be involved in.  Maybe it came from the the everyday nature of dairy farming where I grew up.  Maybe it was because celebration in our culture often has an unhealthy and unnecessary association with drinking alcohol.  But over the years, I have discovered the importance of the Bible’s example of taking time to celebrate in wholesome ways.

So, for example, this last weekend at Community Wesleyan, we took time to celebrate.  It was the Celebration Sunday of our 50th Anniversary Makeover Campaign.  So we took time out to celebrate.  We put up the tents outside, had chicken barbeque and brought in the watermelon and ice cream.   It was a great picnic and it lent a air of festivity to our event that it would not otherwise have had.   Everyone enjoyed themselves.



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