Challenging the gay rights crusade again

These two news articles present two good reasons why gay marriage is not right for America.   This is not about them being able to secure additional rights; this is really about gay persons seeking society’s  approval for their immoral lifestyle.  Gov. Andrew Cuomo unconsciously acknowledged this when he spoke about giving gays legitimacy when he signed the bill approving gay marriage in New York State.   That is exactly the issue.   These activists are not happy unless they can force the rest of us to say their actions are okay.  As the attack on Bachman shows, it is not okay for others to believe or practice differently than they desire.    They are definitely not happy for the rest of us to simply “let them live” so to speak.  They insist that we also approve. 

But they cannot coerce our beliefs or our consciences. They cannot change the convicting words of Holy Scripture, either Old Testament or New Testament.   So they seek legitimacy through laws and education.    

As the California initiative indicates, now traditional family-values people of all faiths are the ones needing protection from their crusade to brainwash our children.   Teaching morality is the job of parents and churches first.  It is also the job of schools, but only as delegated servants of the parents.   Education divorced from morality is not education.   But when schools are forced by governmental authorities to teach something with which the majority of parents morally disagree, it is a grave injustice and it undermines the authority and legitimacy of the educational system.   No wonder the number of homeschoolers increases yearly.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more! Well said. I’m sharing this with my congregation today. It is especially gratifying to hear this from the pulpit.

    Thanks and God bless, Lori

    1. Thank you, Lori. I find that the gay rights issue is the most difficult to address well. I strive to set a wholesome, engaging tone. It is a key part of our witness that is often missing.

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