A surprisingly effective way to mark in your Bible in color

Children's large size colored pencils

Write in your Bible

I am always encouraging people to personalize their own Bibles by marking verses that have special meaning for them.   Most people who do this soon want to categorize their marking by using some kind of color system.    Many people also want to use a marking system that does not obscure the words as one often accidentally does when using ink.   The method must also not bleed through.    Several years ago I happened to try something very simple but also very effective–children’s colored pencils.   They have fatter colored “leads” than normal colored pencils.   They act like a highlighter but do not bleed through like a highlighter will.   Because they are thicker, many fewer strokes are required and there is no danger of torn pages as with sharp smaller ones.

The only problem is that they are seldom available.    I have literally looked for years for a second set to have at home.   Well, this week I found one.   They are currently available again.  I found mine at Staples.

A simple colored pencil system

I highly recommend a simple color scheme using colored pencils to mark your Bible.  I use orange for promises and special verses.   If I can’t figure out what color to use, it gets orange.  Blue is for salvation; verses related to what Jesus has done for us and what gifts God has given us through his Son.    Yellow is for verses of praise to God; verses that adore Jesus Christ.   Green is for spiritual growth. Red is for stewardship verses that encourage me to use what I have well.  Purple is for verses about heaven.   That’s about it.   I keep it simple.

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