Anniversary Visit to Syracuse E. M. Mills Rose Garden

E. M. Mills Rose Garden visit June 20, 2011

This last weekend was a big celebration weekend for me and for my wife too.   It was Father’s Day and I enjoyed appropriate attention and good food on account of that occasion.  It was also the weekend we could tell our friends at Community Wesleyan the good news—those who had not read my blog or heard by the grapevine—that our daughter and son-in-law are expecting so we are going to be grandparents for the first time!   That is cause for celebration!    I hear that grandkids are the greatest!

Then to put the celebration over the top, Monday, June 20, was our 41st anniversary.   We spent the bucks last year for the big four-O.  So this year was lower key.   We soaked up some sun amid the beauty of the Syracuse Rose Garden—delightful smells and eye-popping beauty.   Then it was out to dinner at Red Lobster—I highly recommend the maple glazed salmon and shrimp.  JoAnne says our wedding happened on a bright sunny but windy day a lot like this June 20! We consider each other a treasure and pray that God grants us many years of good health to enjoy together.

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