Winds of Refreshing Series Modified

I have decided to change the message for April 10th.  Here is the new chart.

Updated Schedule for Winds of Refreshing Series
Date Message Scripture Focus Suggested Hymn(s)
Mar 6 Our Need for Refreshing Matt. 5:6;
Ps. 63
As we hunger and thirst for God during Lent, we will find Him. Near to the Heart of God (410)
Mar 13 Wind and God’s Power Isa. 11:4
Acts 1:8
Admiring God’s power increases our fear of the Lord and our desire to see God’s Spirit’s power unleashed in our lives. How Great Thou Art (16)
Mar 20 Breath of Life Gen. 2:7; Ezek. 37:9,10;
Jn. 20:22; Rev. 11:11
As we understand the many different ways that God’s spirit is the source of life for us, we desire to see more of that life in ourselves Breathe On Me Breath of God (87)
Mar 27 Pastor Eric – The Spirit of Pentecost Acts 2 What does Pentecost change? In Christ AloneSpirit of God Descend Upon My Heart
Apr 3 Times of Refreshing will Come Acts 3:19 Tit. 3:5-7 As we repent and seek the Lord, God will send seasons of spiritual renewal. Showers of Blessing (142)   Old time Power (96)
Apr 10 God’s Winds of Refreshing Deepen Our Spiritual Lives Eph. 3:7-21   God’s Holy Spirit refreshes us with inner resources that enable us to meet life’s challenges powerfully.  Deeper, DeeperFill My Cup, Lord (271) 
Apr 17 Palm Sunday Jesus is Coming Acts 3:19, 20
Matt. 21:1-11
The hollow welcome Jesus received on Palm Sunday reminds us to be prepared to genuinely welcome him when he comes back the 2nd time. Holy Spirit by Keith and Kristyn Getty Is It the Crowning Day (260)     
Apr 24 Easter
Can We Live Again?  Part 1 Ezek. 37:12  2 Cor. 4:13,14  To our joy, God’s mysterious question to Ezekiel has been conclusively answered by Jesus. Christ Arose (232); Great Victory
Apr 24 Easter
Can We Live Again?  Part 2 Ezek. 37:14  John 20:19-31  John 10:10 The resurrection of Jesus reveals the power of God’s Spirit in us to renew, restore and bring fresh new vigor to jaded, parched and anemic lives. The Day of Resurrection (230)   He Lives (550)  Christ the Lord is Risen Today (231)

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