Celebrating a Unanimous Decision


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What a joy it was to lead the special church conference this evening in the consideration of the 50th Anniversary Project.   I had felt that there was a positive feeling about the various parts of the project but one always wonders if everyone is speaking up.   There was good attendance at our meeting.  This was gratifying since I had postponed it due to weather one time.  But sometimes good attendance means sharp division of opinion.   In this case, however, it quickly became obvious that good attendance signaled a strong excitement and a unanimous enthusiasm for the project. 

The chart below shows the breakdown as it was adopted by the conference.  It will now be implemented by the 50th anniversary committee and by the LBA.   The kick-off date for announcing the project as a giving opportunity is June 5.    It is a pay as you go project, but I strongly believe that by working together and with God’s help we can have the first three sub-projects completed before the anniversary celebration next year at this time.

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