Happy New Year!

One of the first tasks for every Christian at the beginning of the year is to plan for their devotional life for the coming year.  The plan has several parts. 

Bible reading is the heart of devotional time

The key part is an organized Bible reading plan.  The Center for Bible Engagement says that only 1/3 of Americans read their Bible weekly and only 13.9% read it on weekdays.  Let’s be part of improving those stats.




Personally, I am at the halfway point in reading my Bible end to end again and propose to finish easily this year.   But many of you, my readers will be looking for other plans.   I recommend two.  One is to use a devotional book that has readings attached.    In addition to my sequential readings, I’m using a new collection of E. Stanley Jones writings selected for use as daily devotionals.  It has selected readings too.   A third tactic that I have also used is to get a Bible reading schedule.  Many are available.   I have included one good link http://www.backtothebible.org/index.php/Bible-Reading-Guides.html in my suggested links.     Here’s another link that offers multiple devotional series. http://www.crosswalk.com/devotionals/

I’ll write more soon.

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