Pre-Christmas Snow

For those of my readers who are not from Syracuse, you’ve probably notice that we hit the national news for our latest snow event.    This is the one time of year when everyone likes to see snow – just before Christmas.  You know – “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…”   If you are that romantic type – Syracuse is your city.   The weather experts say it has a 68% chance of having a white Christmas in any given year.  But I’ve lived here 20 years now and I only remember 2 that weren’t white which points to 80%.   

Back to the matter at hand.  This year it will take a major thaw to prevent a white Christmas here.  I took a few pictures December 8 and 9 to give you an idea.  To be fair, this snowfall set records for early December two or three days in a row.   And my Midas dealer friend (Peter Moon at Erie Boulevard Midas – great place) says he’ll sell more tires in the next two weeks than all the rest of the year.    But the snow sure is beautiful.   Take a peek.

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