Lame Duck Senate Strategy

The Capitol

I am a registered Republican who often votes Conservative.  And I agree with Harry Reid!  The Republicans didn’t learn anything from the last election.   I bet I’m not the only Republican the Senate leadership is disappointing by this latest shenanigan.

  1. It is debt the voters were worried about even more than taxes.  Every thinking person realizes that sooner or later somebody is going to have to pay more taxes to get our nation out of debt.  Nobody wants to do it.  Nobody wants to pay the dentist either, but we do.  I agree with the Democrats.   Restore a larger share of contributions from the wealthier people.  It’s what every businessperson knows. The largest share of business comes from the largest contracts.
  2. The Republicans will lose face with the voters by obstructing things that need to pass.  They are shooting themselves in the foot; they are their own worst PR nightmare. The arms treaty is needed.  By seeming to hold it up, the Republicans will appear to be endangering our national security and edging the doomsday clock closer to midnight.  They will earn the label “obstructionist” for no good reason.
  3. If the Republicans were really smart, their first act, instead of a political bullying attempt, would have been to seek common ground with Democrats by coming together to pass the DREAM act as a bipartisan signal.  Americans would have been shocked but very pleased at a new tactic in Washington.   Both parties want the political hay that is to be made among Hispanic voters.   Unfortunately neither seems to really care about the real life people they should have helped long ago.  The welfare of the children of immigrants is just another political football.

The long and short of it is that we need new leadership in the House and Senate!  We need men and women that seek a centrist way rather than dwelling at the extremes as we have seen; that take a coalescing road rather than the rank partisan one we have watched them travel, that find a way of building upon the past and creating something greater rather repeating the childish “tear-down-their-castle-so-we-can-build-ours” game.

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