I’m praying DADT is not overturned

The Capitol



Today I am praying for the US Senate that they will not overturn DADT.   The reasons I am against repeal are:

1.  It is not good for humans to approve or give formal recognition to what God does not approve.   The Bible has warned that there will come a time when humans are so out of touch with God’s perspective that they call wrong right (Isaiah 5:20).

2.  I fear repealing DADT will create in the military a kind of sanctuary for gays.  The military’s itinerant lifestyle is suited to single men and unfortunately accommodates promiscuity in either sexual orientation. 

3.  Gays in positions of leadership will have the possibility of a subtle improper kind of influence like sexual harassment in a workplace, but will be able to claim discrimination if they are accused of using it.    And when a straight leader corrects a gay subordinate he/she will likely be accused of sexual harassment.

For those of you wondering, yes, I am a veteran–US Navy Officer of the Line, active duty 1971-1974.

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