Plans continue for Community Wesleyan Extreme Makeover 50th Anniversary projects

Tonight the Local Board of Administration (LBA) at its regular monthly meeting voted unanimously to recommend to the upcoming semiannual church conference that our church undertake an Extreme Makeover project as a part of our 50th anniversary celebration.  Such unanimity on such an important item is a sign of blessing.  We are already well on our way toward our first 50th anniversary goal of 50 4 50—that is 50 outreach and service ministries accomplished in the 30 months prior to our 50th anniversary at Easter 2012.   Now we would like to add to that a goal of updating our facilities in crucial ways to be ready for the next decades of the new millennium.  The four sub-projects chosen by the board to be recommended to be included in the overall Extreme Makeover project are as follows:

  1. Finish the kitchen makeover project
  2. New carpet for the sanctuary & adjacent rooms (possibly including some small alterations to the vestibule and platform)
  3. Improvements to sanctuary lighting
  4. Repaving the entrance driveway and paving the unpaved section of the parking lot including a new area in the back extending behind the pole to give added space.

The recommended idea is that these projects would be completed in this order as the money is raised.  While the last one might not be finished before the anniversary, the idea is that it will be made possible by this Extreme Makeover project.   The board has had sub-committees working on each project for some months.

I am personally very excited about this Extreme Makeover combined project.  We will be discussing it at our semi-annual meeting but do not plan to make final decisions then, but rather at a later special conference.   I believe that just as we are already seeing with the kitchen makeover, the other projects also will enable ministry excellence for years to come.

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