Election 2010 Reactions

The Capitol

Many Christians, including myself, have been praying specifically for these elections.  We have been concerned with the moral and spiritual direction of our country as well as the economic one.   Today I am praising God for the election of many more conservative candidates because the causes of sanctity of life, sanctity of marriage and religious freedom will be strengthened.   Here are some further election observations.

  1.  Moral values are still very important to our electorate.  One commentator said that in California, Whitman’s dealings with her domestic worker probably cost her many votes.   While early reports indicate that economics were the main driver at the polls this time, there is no doubt in my mind that efforts of Pelosi and crew to dismantle Don’t Ask Don’t Tell over military leaders’ objections created more problems for her and her party.   Influential teachers like Jim Garlow make clear that moral and economic issues are tied inextricably together.    I also teach that abortion is an economic as well as a moral issue.
  2. The Tea Party was far more effective as a movement than it would have been as a third party.  That stance allowed it to stay on message as opposed to big government yet enfold some diversity in its ranks.  It definitely influenced this election and will be a force to be reckoned with in 2012.
  3. I believe that the Supreme Court is on the right track in saying that entities should not be cut off from influencing elections simply because they are corporations or PACs or unions and I would include churches in that.   However, I and many Americans were very uncomfortable at how much money was spent on this election; on how much money came from outside the districts involved; and about how many times the sources of the money were completely hidden.   The flow of money must be public and amounts from outside election districts restricted by law, all without disenfranchising groups who have a legitimate right to influence an election.
  4. As we become more and more a media society we must find ways to use the media to educate about real qualifications.    We are more and more getting candidates who are a media byte but do not have what it takes.    We are also influenced by negative campaigning that in some cases is plain slander.   I found myself during this campaign hungry for real news about issues.  One could hardly find the candidates talking about real issues.  They are taught to stay on their political sound bite, stay away from controversial things, and above all look good on camera.  What do those three things have to do with governing?

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