Alliance Bank Stadium and Community Wesleyan Church

It’s October and the Major League Baseball play-offs are beginning already.   It reminds me that I was happy to attend the last home game for the Chiefs this summer.   By now, I’ve forgotten the score,  but  I remember the atmosphere and the good feeling of being at the ball park.  I think about it as I watch the Yankees beat the Twins on TV.  As good as TV coverage is, it’s just not the same as being there.  When you are in the stadium, you feel part of the action and part of the team’s extended family—its fans.   When you like baseball, there’s just something about being at the park watching.   The field was immaculately groomed.  I love the new real grass field.  The food was great–white hots are the best deal and they were super.  I bought a new cap to advertise that I’m a fan.   And it turned out to be fireworks night too, which I didn’t know when I went.  (I looked the game on the website.  The Chiefs beat the Redwings 7-3 on 9-2-10)   It’s always nice if the team wins.  But you want to be there anyway whether they do nor not.    I took a few snapshots that turned out okay considering the level of camera I use.

I started thinking – dangerous, I know.    I hope people who identify themselves as Christians feel like they want to be at church too—like they want to be in on the action; like they are part of an extended family, because they are.   They are on Christ’s team.  Whether it’s a big Sunday in the church schedule or an ordinary one, whether the pastor hits a home run with his sermon or strikes out, I hope they are just glad to be in God’s house; sensing His presence, offering their own praises, saying their own prayers encouraging others, and generally adding to the excitement of the moment by being there.    It’s what fans do.   And some morning – just anytime –there might turn out to be fireworks of a different kind – a time when God makes his presence known in a special way to you or to the congregation.   You’ll forget most everything else about that service, but not your own encounter with God.    And you will want more of those touches.

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