Excited by reception of Just Walk Across the Room study

Tonight I finished reading the book by Bill Hybels, Just Walk Across the Room; wrote my review and posted it in my book review pages.   I have been greatly encourged by the groundswell of interest in reaching out to friends and neighbors for Jesus.    This has been evidenced by the strong attendance at our first equipping class last Saturday, by the number who have already read the book (several finished it even before I did); and by those who are sharing stories of friends with whom they are engaged in possibly life-changing dialogues.

I’m hoping to excite even more interest by sparking a lively online conversation on my blog page concerning the book.   I’ve asked my readers who have also read the book to join the conversation.   To help kick things off, I’ve put out there these questions.  Donna Schermerhorn, our team leader for outreach, plans to join the dialogue too.

  • What would you have highlighted in the review that I didn’t?
  • Which story really stuck with you?
  • What was the greatest single take-home for you from the book?
  • How were you encouraged by it?
  • What provoking questions that it raised will help you grow as a disciple maker (Acts 1:8)? 

If you’ve read the book, please join our conversation.  To keep all the conversattion in one place, please respond to the book review rather than to this post.

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