Playing in Band

I donned the white shirt and black pants again this evening, grabbed the trombone and accessories and headed out to our biweekly summer concert.   Most are at nursing homes and the residents really enjoy the music.   I love the marches, big band stuff and an occasional more sophisticated band piece.    Right now we have a fun version of “Just a Closer Walk” in our repertoire too. Our director, Cathy Stickler, seems to have a knack for picking music the older folks like.   JoAnne sometimes goes with me as she did tonight and also a few weeks ago to the annual Fourth of July concert at Johnson Park in Liverpool where she snapped this picture.

Band has always been a joy to me; in high school, college and now.   There is the joy of making music.  There is a sense of accomplishment in playing the music well.  There is fun camaraderie in the trombone section and the overall group.   And it is a complete change of scenery and pace.   JoAnne quotes the classical musicians who said, “Music is a gift of God.”    I know playing in Liverpool Community Band continues to be a gift to me.

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  1. Very good blog posting, however you should make the picture smaller because it is too large to fit on the screen. Also try using photo gallery plugin for large photos even if there is only one. then you can click on it easily to make it larger.

  2. Pastor is that you with the hat on? I agree with the statement about music being a gift from God. Nice blog. Aren’t you due to play for us in Church?

    1. Your comment called for some reflection on the purpose of blogging.
      1. I think of blogging as a way to say what I believe I have to say on several topics. It’s a way of making a contribution, hopefully.
      2. I can use blogging to keep in contact with others who can read what’s happening at church or in my personal or family life.
      3. Blogging is a means of personal and cultural reflection. To set one’s thoughts down in writing requires thinking them through and organizing them. I enjoy that process.
      4. Blogging is interactive. I enjoy dialogue.

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