Momentum of Upgrading Continues

What began as a concerted effort to prepare for district conference has produced momentum of itself.   As we cleaned, fixed up and updated church spaces, we realized that improving God’s house was something we would continuously find satisfaction in and honor God through.   Some new things were being planned already that just didn’t quite happen before conference.   The result is a continuing momentum of upgrading and updating.   Latest on that list is our new computer program for visuals to enhance worship services along with the hardware to run it.   It is called Easy Worship and it was just beginning to come online this week.   It does what we have been doing with our old program but much better.   Songs are more readable and have backgrounds.  PowerPoint slides will run seamlessly.   The new program will also add capability.   Downloaded DVD clips through the computer, Scripture verses as the pastor mentions them, web pages from the internet if desired—these are a few of the new capabilities we look forward to using.   Steven Sgroi, Eva Boswell, Ben Mackey, Shaun Harrington and Dave Schwarz have all worked to achieve this improvement so far and they are still at work to realize the full potential of the new system and full integration with the sound board as well.


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