Community Wesleyan Joins Call2Fall Prayer

Patriotic hymns, pledges to the Christian and American flags, and prayers for our nation predominated in our Fourth of July services this morning.    I concluded the sermon series titled, “God and Country” with a message “Interceding for our Nation” based on Daniel’s prayer for Israel (Da. 9).  The service added deep meaning to our celebration of a beautiful Fourth of July.  

At the end of the service we spent about 15 minutes in prayer, joining people all across America who were also answering the Call2Fall on our knees before God in intercession for the needs of our country.   Call2Fall is a national effort, organized by Family Research Council (FRC) headed by Tony Perkins and coordinated by their church relations arm headed by Rev. Kenyn Cureton.   I’m adding links for Call2Fall, FRC and the FRC blog to my blogroll.


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