Complementary Colors

Memorial garden crocus

As I thought about the beauty of these crocus this spring, the thought struck me that much of the sense of beauty is created by the contrasting and complementary colors.  I guess from an artist’s color wheel point of view they are only close to purely complementary, but close enough for the eye to be very pleased.  

I was reminded of a truth that I often teach to couples.   God has made us as couples to unconsciously desire in our mate characteristics that complement our own in the same pleasingly contrasting way that the colors in this flower bed both contrast and complement.    However, while we immediately recognize in the case of the flowers, the desirability of the contrast, in the case of our marriages, we often bemoan it and unwisely wish for similarity.   As Tim Timmons wrote, “God’s idea for marriage has always involved completing one another rather than competing.”  Every time we see a pleasing complementary bed of flowers this summer may it remind me and you that the ways that our spouse is different from us make the whole of your marriage much more beautiful, much more powerful and much more enjoyable too.   Complementary colors are the Creator’s joyful plan.

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