Useful Bible website

I was out of town Saturday and didn’t have my Bible programs installed in my laptop yet.  (It involves calling the West coast company and getting precise instructions as to the exact order in which to install multiple disks. So I have delayed.)   But anyway, it made me take time to do something I never do at home, find a place to read my favorite version online.   I found a website called Biblica, the website of the former NY Bible Society.  There I could easily read my favorite version, NIV, online.  Several other versions are available as well.  I could also look up passages in several versions in parallel columns.  For example, I brought up John 1 in NIV and KJV and John 1:14 in TNIV and Amplified.    There is also a concordance that will search for multiple keywords at once.   I searched for “love + righteousness” and it found the passages where both words occurred in the same verse.  There are also a couple of online devotionals on the site.  It’s a good place to go for basic Bible reading and devotional input on the road with your computer.   I’m adding the link to my list of recommended sites.