50th Anniversary Committee filling subcommittees

At their meeting Tuesday evening, the 50th Anniversary committee continued to lay the groundwork for our church’s 50th anniversary celebration.   They also celebrated completion of recent   50 4 50 ministries; such as Eric’s and Magda’s missions trip and the Children’s Great Adventure weekend.   

One of the key things currently happening is filling sub-committees.  All committees are looking for interested volunteers who have the 50th on their hearts and would like to work to help our church’s celebration be meaningful.   The six sub committees are

50th Anniversary Teams
Team Area Team Leader(s)
Promotional JoAnne Jones
History Lori Hodge
50  4  50 Ministries Pastor Eric Paashaus
Prayer Larry Nemitz
Celebration Events Mike and Pat Lamb
Funds Planning (not yet named)

 If you would like to volunteer for any of these teams, please contact the team leader or Pastor Kelvin Jones.   The more folks who are involved, the greater the celebration!

The 50th committee also is working on ideas to increase calendar coordination in our church, something we feel will be needed for a successful celebration.  If you have ideas for this or would be interested in helping with it, please talk to Pastor Kelvin.

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