Snow day

I decided to work at home today (Thursday, Feb. 25) while the snow fell.  Not that I couldn’t have waded through the snow to my office; it’s only a few hundred yards.   But I needed to read a book in preparation for this week’s message and write a couple book reviews too.   Home seemed a cozy place to accomplish that; now that I have a laptop.   It was great to be at home with JoAnne too.  We played a couple table games in between working on our various projects, and talked to some family members on the phone. 

Snow days are one of the privileges of this climate.   You can feed the birds and the watch them at the feeders; build a fire in the fireplace insert and enjoy its warmth; work on a big jigsaw puzzle for awhile.   Move a little snow with the snow blower and shovel and have some hot tomato soup with bread and melted cheese for lunch.   We also spent a little time watching the winter Olympics.   My jaw drops open when I see ski jumpers twisting and turning in the air and landing on their feet.  How do they ever learn to do that without getting killed?  For her part, JoAnne loves watching skating.