Houghton College Visit

It was a pleasure once again for JoAnne and me to visit Houghton College for the February meeting of the Board of Trustees there, of which I have been a member for about 3 yrs.   It is JoAnne’s and Keely’s college Alma Mater and I am considered an alum too since I attended for 2 yrs.   Jed Boswell, Alyssa Pocock and one of my nieces are currently students there.  JoAnne and I have a great affection for Houghton because of our many connections and because of the great experiences Keely and others we know have enjoyed there.   We saw both Jed and Alyssa and they are doing great too.   Jed has organized a seven member Christian rock band.  With native stone architecture, Houghton’s campus is beautiful, even in the winter.   Though the work sessions are long, I enjoy the camaraderie with other leaders and have been uniquely suited for this volunteer position by my own educational experiences.   President Shirley Mullen is a delight to work for and with.   She is an exciting and visionary leader.   The latest facilities news is that we approved an extensive renovation of the science building that will begin this summer.   The renovation also paves the way for an awesome future addition that we saw designs for.  

I’m adding the Houghton link to my website links.  If anyone has questions about Houghton, I may be able to help at least point you in the right direction.   I also love to chat with other alums.