Children’s project for Haiti

It was great to honor the Kidz church crew last Sunday in services.   Their leader, Kim O. was sick and the Hodge boys were away, but Rochelle Moon, Kim’s right hand helper, stood with them while Ann Kipping took the pictures and Mike Lamb signed the big check Leah Harrington had prepared.   The total is over $700 that they have raised.   I have been in conversation with project manager Megan at World Hope and we will be designating the funds to help children in two ways.  1.  World hope is working to help children in tent cities be reconnected with their parents.   2. World Hope is helping children receive milk and other supplies they need.    One of the boys, John Kipping, went himself to his school principal and asked and received permission to put out collection jars at his school to help with the effort.  This certainly was a “children helping children” project.