Beautiful morning

I love winter mornings like this–sunshine, crisp,frozen,still, but not too cold–great day for ice fishing or bird watching or taking a long winter walk at Green Lakes.   I guess it is just one of those little things to savor in life that brings us  joy. 

I read a good thought this morning in the devotional book for men that I am using in daily devotions.  The book is Walking with Christ Every Day.   It was a quote from E. Stanley Jones, who was a missionary in India.  “God is a never-ending source of support and courage for those of us who call on him.  When we are weary, He gives strength.  When we see no hope, God reminds us of his promises.  When we grieve, God wipes away our tears.   God will hold your hand and walk with you every day of your life if you let Him.  So even if your circumstances are difficult, trust the Father.  His love is eternal and His goodness endures forever.” 

“Faith is not merely you holding on to God–it is God holding on to you.”

What an encouraging word!